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Tab TM Samsung Galaxy 8.9 LTE


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Enjoy a unique experience with your thinner and lighter tablet through fastest 4G LTE network that keeps you ahead of the curve delivering blazing fast download and upload speeds.

  • Work or play wherever you are using a lightweight portable device powered by a battery that lasts for hours.
  • Run multiple tasks at once and switch from one application to another, simply by tapping or swiping the screen.
  • Enjoy a rich multimedia experience thanks to HD screen, the camera and the built-in speakers.
  • Look at pictures or videos, listen to music and play online anytime.
  • Respond easily to your email, read e-books and check documents on the go on a big screen with virtual keyboard and zoom function.
  • Access thousands of applications designed according to your own lifestyle.

* Based on data transmission speeds offered by domestic suppliers HSPA + services and TELUS' tests in large urban centers. The speed of the internet access provided by the network operator may vary depending on the apparatus used on the network traffic, distance from the cell site, local conditions and other factors. Internet speed is not controlled by the mobile network operator and may vary depending on the network configuration, Internet traffic, management policies related to the server or web site and other factors. Areas Coverage are approximate. Actual coverage and network services can vary and are subject to change.


Android ™ and BlackBerry® powerful operating systems (OS) have their particular advantages. Depending on your daily activities, you might find that an operating system is more suitable for your lifestyle than the other.

Android ™ Tablet OS


Great for users who want to customize many home pages to quickly access their favorite applications, widgets and shortcuts, and more.

TELUS will help you get started

In addition to configuring your tablet, we'll show you how to connect to TELUS 4G network and provide valuable advice to help you enjoy your tablet as soon as you exit the store.

Watch the video demonstrations and see the support information to obtain additional advice on how to establish a connection between your tablet and the Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone, to customize your display, to enjoy many applications simultaneously, and more.

Sign up for an additional 45 minutes individual training session given by one of our training specialists. 

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