About mobile internet


Enjoy a complete high speed Internet access while travelling, working and entertaining.

Stay connected with high speed Mobile Internet access anywhere on the TELUS 4G network with our user-friendly products.

TELUS provides the most powerful cutting edge devices at a competitive price, with exceptional customer experience. Whether you need to connect one or twenty devices, we can help you find the Mobile Internet device and plan that will suit your needs.



Complete high speed Internet access while traveling
  • Enjoy high speed Internet access virtually anywhere from rural community, in your cottage, or from a moving train, a coffee shop or the airport.
  • Navigate with ultrafast speeds on a 4G network that provides coverage to 95% of the Canadian population. *
  • Share your mobile data connection with up to 20 devices at once.
  • Avoid having to locate and pay for a Wi-Fi access point on the go.

* According to TELUS’ HSPA + coverage in the local network


Our extended coverage

Our cutting edge 4G network offers incredible data transmission speeds throughout our coverage area. Plus, browse online in more than 200 countries through one of our Passport United States or International Roaming plans.

* According to TELUS’ HSPA + coverage in the local network.

We offer the speed you need

TELUS has the fastest* 4G network across the country, which can support manufacturer's rated peak download speeds up to 225 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of up to 70 Mbps**, ensuring Canadians to have access to the fastest download speeds available. This said, you can usually download a song in seconds.

* Based on data transmission speeds provided by HSPA + services domestic suppliers and tested by TELUS in large urban centers. The speed of the Internet access provided by the network operator may vary depending on the devices used, the network traffic, the distance from the cell tour, the local conditions, etc. Internet speed is not controlled by the mobile network operator and may vary depending on the network configuration, the network traffic, the management policies related to the server or the Web site, etc. Areas coverage is approximate. Actual coverage and network services can vary and are subject to change.

** Rated maximum download speed is based on manufacturer's data. Compatible device required. Actual speed may vary depending on the device used, topography and environmental conditions, network traffic, signal strength, etc. Areas coverage is approximate. Coverage and network services offered may vary and change without notice.


Size matters

Your monthly data usage may vary depending on how you are using your Mobile Internet service and how frequently you access it. Whenever you download content, use an application, look at a video, send an email or play online, you are using data. The data usage varies according to what you do.

How is measured Data usage? *

500 MB

125 000 e-mails
OR 500 sent attachments
OR 5000 visited Web pages
OR 500 digital photos
OR 30 hours of online game
OR 4 hours of streaming video

1 GB

250,000 e-mails
OR 1000 sent attachments
OR 10000 visited Web pages
OR 1000 digital photos
OR 60 hours of online game
OR 8 hours of streaming video

3 GB

750,000 emails
OR 3000 sent attachments
OR 30000 visited Web pages
OR 3000 digital photos
OR 180 hours of online game
OR 24 hours of streaming video

* NOTE: These examples are approximate only. The estimates are based on the following values: 4 KB email; 1 MB per attachment sent; 100 KB for each web page accessed; 1 MB per digital cameras; 270 KB per minute of online gaming; 2 MB per minute of streaming video. For example, if the size of an e-mail is 4K, you have used all of your 500 MB after having sent or received about 125,000 e-mails (1GB = 1,024MB, 1MB = 1024 KB). Actual data usage may vary. It is your responsibility to keep track of it.

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